Proel Millennium III v3.4.1

The Millennium III work modes (Draw shapes, Manual , Automatic, Column, Fill, Satin , background , reasons on a path, the grounds in an area , text ... ) define the complete set of tools for scanning available on the market today. Drawing tools are easy to use , especially when used with numerous help functions , such as point hitch or network.
Automation . Many automated tools to simplify and expedite the work. Some examples? Scheme for automatically tracing the outline of the images , for automatic conversion Autopunch images embroidery, embroidered pictures for automatic processing of pictures in embroidery, embroidery @ for publishing Web pages embroidery , Archive for the creation of paper catalogs , Stitch diagram for determining the contours of any embroidery fall, repeat the same name embroidered an infinite number of times, but the change of name or text, automatic creation of a printable worksheet , automatic removal short stitches that could create problems for your embroidery machine ...

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