Wilcom Decostudio 1e

Wilcom Decostudio 1e

Dealing with building projects flashy logo for posters, prints and vector-based embroidery . Design multi - decoration pieces freely working with both embroidered items and printed in one file . Regardless of your skill level , DecoStudio © transforms your ideas into professional results !

Features and Benefits

Includes the complete CorelDRAW ® Graphics Suite
CorelDRAW ® , the complete graphic suite offering powerful graphic illustration , is a fully integrated part of DecoStudio © . Maps has best in class for vectorization bits, improving the capacity , illustration , photo editing and professional clipart images

Superior Wilcom stitch quality
Wilcom 's patented stitch processor ensures you get the best quality results and efficient embroidery sewing time , every time. In addition, 30 professional embroidery fonts , you have the advantage of premium quality Wilcom lettering .

You do not have to be an expert
© DecoStudio does the hard work for you . You choose the type of fabric and clothing and will determine the best stitch settings for a quality result . It also speeds up the design creation process with automatic conversion from vector art to stitch, eliminating the need to digitize .

Flexibility and control
Having control over your design is important, so DecoStudio © provides you with true object-based editing to refine converted embroidery files as you need. You can even do your own simple embroidery digitizing where required.

Automated monogram and applique tools
DecoStudio © ' s Monogram Wizard allows you to combine quickly and easily type styles , decorative motifs and borders to create personalized monograms for your customers. Create striking appliques with the Wilcom appliqué tool which automatically creates all sticky down and bottom endpoints quires .

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